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Changes during the week
bengt bengtsson

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Dec 04, Edited by bengt bengtsson on Dec 04

Changes during the week

Changes during the week
- Worked on optimizing the database / scripts which caused server to lagg while there was much war. [Yet to see how much this improved the laggs during the day].
- Added [Kills,Assist,Deaths,Solokills] system! It counts all of your records.
- Removed all frags for people, sadly it has to be done every month in order to prevent laggs.

- 4x Bosses has been added throughout bridge area in order for you to kill to obtain demonicas/heavens/emeralds [Respawn time 20 min].
- Buffed critical damage talent.
- Buffed the paralyze slightly more.

What will be worked on for the future:
- Quests.
- One more unique spell per vocation

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Dec 04

Sounds great!

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Dec 04

As always wille, you always listen to criticism, which I find great.

I'm very happy that you are listening to my advices and implenting my ideas to the server, adding variation and more things to do, besides dominating the bridge area.

I'm also very intrigued with the upcoming quests you are working on - I know from personal experience that they will be great,

Let's not forget about the unique spells you guys are working on, hopefully you'll make it unique and something worth working over.
Jack Recher

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Jan 24

Where I can Found This Boss? :)


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