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1.6M Token spells finally here!06.07.15 01:47:39
1.6M Token spells is here!

Knights - Exori Freeze(Freezes like a frost charm)
Pallys - Exura hot (Heals you over time)
Sorcerer - Exevo burning bomb (Burns your enemy every second, different % of damage depending on voc target for 20 seconds.
Druid - Exori polymorph - Transforms enemy into a sheep while getting "drunk" and looses -30% speed for 10 seconds.
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LMS BEST OF JUNE30.06.15 18:24:41

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Guild outfit command - added24.06.15 11:30:52
!go command has been added to the server. It changes all guild members outfit to the leaders who executes the command. Monster outfits can't be changed though.
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Balance issues22.06.15 14:53:33
Knights buffs got buffed aswell as other vocation balances has been made earlier this week. The balance between vocations should be pretty accurate right now.
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Kill the King / Defend the King event14.06.15 14:22:59
A new automatic-event is here!

Your teams objection is to kill the other teams king, you can not take damage from your own team members, and you will gain experience from PvPing inside of the event!

Give me your thoughts if you have played it!

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Vote16.06.15 14:22:27

Vote if you want mini king of the hill to get removed
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