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New Staff!16.09.14 01:05:48
Welcome to our new tutor Tyrael!
message him in-game if you want any sort of help.
And also, Hollow was promoted to Community manager.
by Amvellen[Comments: 1]
Experience Changes13.09.14 14:08:34
Hello fellow evolerians.
Yesterday we changed the experience gain from killing our custom evolera monsters and the difficulty. You now gain more experience from PvE leveling than before. This will allow any player that feels that PvP leveling is too hard to be able to level up by other means.

Happy Hunting
/Evoleras Staff
by Amvellen[Comments: 1]
Late notification12.09.14 19:13:22
I forgot to mention the staff changes we made a couple of weeks ago, Karate was promoted to Gamemaster and so was hollow.

feel free to message them for help.

/Evoleras Staff
by Amvellen[Comments: 0]
Bridge16.07.14 16:44:40
Max level on second bridge has been raised up to 1.3M
Good luck & have fun
by Amvellen[Comments: 2]
Staff Changes15.07.14 18:06:51
As you may have noticed we have recruited an additional community manager named Event, this will increase the events even more.
We have also brought back our old Gamemaster Bain.
And Hollow has been promoted to Senior Tutor.
by Amvellen[Comments: 0]
Staff Changes09.07.14 19:11:49
We've made some changes to our staff team.
Traktoren has been promoted to Community Manager and Hollow has been selected as our new Tutor.
With an additional CM you'll see some increases in events.

Best regards.
by Amvellen[Comments: 2]