IP Address: evolera.se
Login Port: 7171
Client Version: 8.60
Server Status: ONLINE
Server Uptime: 31h 58m
Players Online: 10
Dominating Guilds - Kills
-Joker And Smokers- Fakker Ticket To Temple
561 kills 426 kills 176 kills
New server19.10.14 20:40:15
Hello guys.

This time we decided to listen a lot to you guys, and bring back the old evolera. I present you the old Evolera back from 2011. This is featuring the old temple, old quests, old hunting spots and even the old town.

Please make sure to report all bugs you may find to an avaliable staff member.

Have fun, and enjoy the new "old" server!
by Millows[Comments: 0]