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Quest18.04.15 00:35:41
Demonica bow & arrow quest added
by Kvarent[Comments: 0]
2.4M spells added!17.04.15 18:28:05
2.4M UE spells for all of the vocations has succesfully been added! Hopefully you will like them.
by Wille[Comments: 0]
Quest13.04.15 15:55:21
Demonica boots quest added!
by Kvarent[Comments: 2]
Quest15.04.15 23:31:39
Demonica spellbook & shield quest added!
by Kvarent[Comments: 0]
GN Boss & Hydra Streets12.04.15 01:08:51
Today we added a new GN Boss "Greepy" 2M & we added today a new Guildhall at hydra spawn and we remapped a house at hydra spawn & we added a big wall at bridge and remapped a bridge house.
by Kvarent[Comments: 0]
Spawn & Houses10.04.15 00:21:34
Today we added 2 new houses "Hydra street" & New GN Boss - Spiderman
by Kvarent[Comments: 0]