IP Address: evolera.se
Login Port: 7171
Client Version: 8.60
Server Status: ONLINE
Server Uptime: 2h 32m
Players Online: 16
Dominating Guilds - Kills
Redream HaterS Golden Army
22116 kills 15859 kills 14191 kills
Vocation Balance02.03.15 14:45:13
EKS Strong now gives +1% more than before
EKS spells from 1M+ deals slightly more damage
EKS Sword has been buffed with +2500K more ATK


- Donator legs levers
- Heaven helmet levers
- Heaven sword levers
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Last nights changes19.02.15 13:31:47
- Updated town slightly just for more enjoyable PvP.
- 1.8M spells fixed!
- Buffed paladins strong slightly
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Iceborn Set17.02.15 13:50:36
Iceborn set is now out in shop!
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Updated:01.02.15 14:49:40
* Marriage npc exists (Jocke The Priest) - Costs 2000 GN to marry, 500 to divorce.
* Revamped bridge area <-- and some houses.
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Update27.01.15 23:52:37
* Re-implemented skulls for top 10 players on the server.
TOP1 = Black skull
TOP2,3 = Red skull
TOP4,5 = Green skull
TOP6,7 = Yellow skull
Top8,9,10 = White skull

The skulls wont affect the game other than it is "cool" to get one!
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Small update27.01.15 01:41:58
- Fixed new shops islands (old was too ugly)
- Fixed 1SQM more on second bridge <--
- Error reporting for next crash, so it can get fixed!
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