Most powerful guilds on Evolera

Rest in peace

1389 kills


512 kills

Hitlers Gaskammare

322 kills

I'm back

216 kills
Exp up to 300K buffed
Monster exp up to 300K buffed for PVP
Today's Update
- Fixed Hero UH bug
- Added Casino
- Fixed bug with magic level/skills that reseted.
- Fixed various map bugs
- Added protection trinkets etc to shop

Quest completers! Golden newspaper quest!
16.05.16 is reseting Friday the 20th May @ 16:00 CEST!
It has been completely revamped and is now ready to be launched!

New Features:
- New Event maps (CTF, LMS, ZOMBIE & MORE)
- 28 Monster tasks, for all of the monsters you will be hunting!

- Spell shop for Gold nuggets!
- Rookgaard up to level 1K!

- New Quests!
- Some kind of Pet system will get added eventually (If players agree)

- Bosses drop "boxes" that will be opened with Keys!
- Enchant system; enchant your equipment with Gems, in order to give more protection on your Equipment!

- Weekly custom Guild War event!
- You will also only be able to use our Custom Client! This will ensure that there won't be any botters.


Download it here!

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  • Uptime: 3h 37m
  • Players: 4
  • Client: 8.60