Last update!27.08.15 15:11:11
We have disabled the war system due to its low use of. Instead we have added a system with the guild war emblems, where you will be able to see who is in your guld or not.

The green "WAR" Emblem is for MEMBERS/Vice Leaders
The red "WAR" Emblem is for Leaders.
by Wille[Comments: 3]
Best Of August28.08.15 17:07:28
Best Of August will happen 31st august, 20:00 Swedish time.
Nornal lms that day will be 18 :00 swedish time

Crystal Paladin - 5 Wins
Thanatos - 4 Wins
Dark Magicans - 3 Wins
Kata - 3 Wins
Kisstanten - 2 Wins
Tretion - 1 Win
Raazk - 1 Win
Traymonder - 1 Win
Sweetness - 1 Win
Andromeda - 1 Win
Sir Pix - 1 Win
Tear - 1 Win
Sidron - 1 Win
Chicko - 1 Win
Kumlo - 1 Win
Gallox - 1 Win
Cuttaren - 1 Win
Zeratul - 1 Win
Scorpion shit - 1 Win
Tombstinger - 1 Win
Joao - 1 Win
Pro Joe - 1 Win
Csg The Rog - 1 Win
What This - 1 Win

List will be updated untill the Best Of August Event

by Sauce[Comments: 0]
Today's update!26.08.15 06:27:13
- Added Destroy Field Supreme to the trinket shop (25X charges for 80X Gold nuggets).
- Made so you can not put bigtables/boxes at the bridge anymore.
- 900K Unique spell for rogues has been released, exani target. Teleports you to your enemy/teammate and can easily avoid traps by doing so.
- Rogues dagger's has been nerfed in damage slightly

by Wille[Comments: 1]
Best Of August24.08.15 22:30:43
Hey guys, it's time again, Best of August, in exactly 1 week, next monday the Best of August event will take place
And I want to give a heads up to everyone who have already joined to be only on monday at given time, and if you havent joined the Best Of August, by winning one lms event, you simply need to win one if you want to join.

Thanks for reading and Remember next Monday
(More info coming)

by Sauce[Comments: 0]
Deadly Rogue has been added!24.08.15 07:06:33
A new vocation called Deadly Rogue has been added! Its strength is its big damage and the weakness the short range and the lower survivability.

Saying that, the vocation has a few bugs that needs to get fixed during the day such as (COMBO SPELL & UTANI HUR) causing debug. These spells has for now been disabled but will come back later on - so do not worry!

by Wille[Comments: 0]
Update!19.08.15 01:19:02
1M Spawn added!

Also lvl 900K spells has been added to all vocs, such as
"Utamo ghost" "Exori freeze" and more!

Check it out!
by Wille[Comments: 0]
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