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New Banishment system + Anti cheat system + News19.12.14 03:30:09

New banishment system:

- 2X notations = 1 banishment = 24 hours cooldown.
If you choose to play illegally once again
- 2X notations again = Final ban = 7 days cooldown
If you once again choose to play against the rules;
2x notations = deletion = forever

Anti Cheat system;

It will be easier for staffs to detect exp abusers & botters with the new automatic anti cheat system. So It is recommended to not abuse because we will with 99% find your abuse in the anti cheat system which is managed by GM's.

We have updated quests up to 980K (Merciless quest is recommended level 980K)

Incoming Winter Update;
- Winteria with 2-3 new hunting spawns & tasks and a few houses.
-Probably more stuff coming up but is undecided, will let you know more with the time.


Wille & the staff team!
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Latest update07.12.14 04:26:21
- Fixed Firo elementalus healing
- Added Merciless UH & Merciless MR to shop (6pts)
- Added Don uh & Don Mr Quest

-Merc arm & Merc legs quest.
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Last nights update01.12.14 14:48:27
- Added Donator boots quest [Lvl 700K].
- Fixed quests which had no monsters.
- Added 1,2M Monster & mission for it will come later on the day
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Last nights update!29.11.14 13:56:54
Last nights update;

- Fixed gold nugget bosses up to 1M
- Fixed level animation text on monsters
- Reduced the loot on the easier gold nugget bosses because the newer would not serve any purpose otherwise.
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Make a Difference! Vote Now!28.11.14 05:09:07
Goto the following link and make your vote. Every vote counts. Make your voice heard by voting at http://strawpoll.me/3079166
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Todays update!28.11.14 02:54:42
Updated today;
- Donator legs quest added, a level 660K Quest!
- Fixed some don houses
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