IP Address: evolera.se
Login Port: 7171
Client Version: 8.60
Server Status: ONLINE
Server Uptime: 7h 33m
Players Online: 20
Donation Prices12.03.15 19:31:37
Prices on both Iceborn items & Demonica's has been nerfed slightly due to a too high price.

- 5 Euro option also added to paypal.
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Changes10.03.15 02:02:14
Buffed pvp exp up to lvl 1.5M!
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Update:09.03.15 11:08:45
Increased PvP exp for lower levels!

- Map stream added!!
- Cast system added!!
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Gameplay changes05.03.15 12:21:18
+5% more added to knights buff!
Exori tera block now has exhaust of 6 seconds.
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Vocation Balance02.03.15 14:45:13
EKS Strong now gives +1% more than before
EKS spells from 1M+ deals slightly more damage
EKS Sword has been buffed with +2500K more ATK


- Donator legs levers
- Heaven helmet levers
- Heaven sword levers
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Last nights changes19.02.15 13:31:47
- Updated town slightly just for more enjoyable PvP.
- 1.8M spells fixed!
- Buffed paladins strong slightly
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